Eyes Healthy

5 Ways To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

On the television show Better Call Saul, protagonist Jimmy McGill tells his new clients, “Having a good lawyer is like having health insurance. You don’t like paying for it, but not having it when you need it? No!”

A healthy pair of eyes is much the same. Your maker only gave you 2 of them, and if something ever goes seriously wrong with your optics, the medical bill can look as expensive as it is blurry. Thankfully, there are things you can do to care for and protect your vision that cost almost nothing, and are welcome and enjoyable additions to a healthy lifestyle. visit the most informative links like http://www.goingblue4u.ca/how-to-want-to-work-out-more-often/

Eye Like Food

Like most people, you have probably heard since childhood that eating carrots, kale, cabbage and other vegetables high in beta-carotene is good for your eyes. But what if you don’t feel like a rabbit?

Pistachios, walnuts and almonds are rich in omega fatty acids, which protect and nurture your eyes. Also, try switching out your usual breakfast for an omelet. Eggs contain the eye-helpful nutrient lutein and a healthy amount of Vitamin A, which studies show may protect against night blindness.

See The Drink, Be The Drink

Once again, to drink your way to eye health needs not mean the drudgery of squeezing carrots and kale through a juicer forevermore. One alternative beverage is beet juice, which contains the eye-friendly compound zeaxanthin.

Another alternative you probably didn’t think of – a banana shake! Bananas don’t just provide beta-carotene but alpha-carotene…part of the ABC’s of your body’s ability to produce Vitamin A.

Contact Your Wiser Self

For those who struggle to maintain perfect vision, contact lenses are often a cosmetic and practical choice. Glasses can break, cut you if you fall, look awkward or go missing.

But think before choosing! Eye doctors know that the side effects of contact lenses can be just as annoying, or worse, a threat to a patient’s well-being. Contacts can cause dry eyes, and those with chronically dry or itchy eyes or cornea problems should not wear them. Patients who suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or other respiratory diseases should also choose glasses.

Future Research Possibilities

For those who want to wear contact lenses forever, it is important to avoid diabetes – 1 of the most common maladies that can become problematic for contact-wearers. Epithalon is a peptide, or synthetic amino-acid chain that according to scientific research may help prevent diabetes mellitus. Research studies on animal test subjects have shown that Epithalon may promote telomere  health on a cellular level and help prevent several chronic disorders. It is not currently approved for human consumption by the FDA.

Eyes Healthy

Don’t Strain To Maintain

Eye-strain caused by computer and phone screens, reading in poor light or stress can cause headaches, fatigue and lasting damage to your vision. But what if your job entails looking at a screen for hours on end? get latest news for more updates.

Among the helpful tips offered by eye doctors: Use a modern LCD screen if possible, keep the ambient light in your office about half of what it normally would be (when your screen is brightly on, at least) and instead of just turning down the resolution, tune out some of the blue light coming from your screens – red and orange hues are safer. If you don’t wear out your eyes, treating them won’t wear out your wallet.